Since my main occupation is in academia, most of what I do is write about stuff. By “stuff,” I mostly mean music, but also intimacy, dancing, sexuality, touch, space, everyday life and a few other things. This section includes a listing of my “professional” work (Curriculum Vitae), a less formal inventory of my published writing, a link to my blog (updated sporadically, I admit), and a few samples of my writing—mostly in the form of excerpts and links.

Curriculum Vitae

All of my professional qualifications in one convenient place! I'm struck by how CVs always feel both exhaustive and incomplete. Nothing on here tells you that I'll bring delicious Peruvian food to the next potluck dinner, for example.


My new-ish blog (since winter 2011). This is where I move away from the old post-every-day model, and instead focus on a few specific things:

  1. event reviews—that is, accounts of techno/house/etc events much like those I posted frequently on my old blog, Luis In Paris (see below);
  2. brief essays on concepts and issues I am working through for my own intellectual work, with the hope that you all can give me the sort of support and critique that I need to write better and smarter;
  3. readings/reviews of books and articles that I encounter as I work on my dissertation.

(There will not be any more of my recipes here, but that’s because I have started a new food blog called Macerating in Public.)

Luis In Paris Blog [inactive]

When I went off for my first fieldwork trip to Paris in the fall of 2006, I started a blog that was both a way of writing back to all of my friends in Chicago as well as a set of short-hand fieldwork notes. Since my dissertation project had to do with publicness and kinds of public space, it made sense to make my experiences and observations available to the public—although I changed some names and omitted some details to respect the privacy of the people I hung out with. In any case, I managed to write a blog post nearly every day of the year and my blog turned into a sprawling monster of recipes, observations, event reviews, anecdotes, and musical criticism. I managed to mostly maintain the same level of writing when I returned to Europe from 2008-2009 and the blog still got the occasional post now that I'm back in Chicago.

From the blog's main page, you can click on any of the "labels" listed in the right column to filter the entries, which are in reverse chronological order. For example, click on Partying to view all of my event reviews, Berlin to see all of my posts about Berlin, Recipes to see the recipes I've posted and so on.

Publications & Writing Samples

You can dig around in my CV to get a list of my published works, but this is a less cluttered listing. Also, I've added my annotations to the list as well as links to those publications that are available for free.